Current Common Vulnerabilities

Exchange Remote Code Execution - CVE-2020-0688

Remedies: Patching + Firewall limiting access to ECP virtual directory

Est time: 2 - 4 hours

Importance: HIGH

Recent Projects

Firewall Recovery

Customer's firewall failed and was replaced under duress. Customer opted for a new firewall manufacturer, we were called in to recover the config from the failed firewall, convert it to the new firewall.

Disaster Recovery

Ransomware attack across entire company infrastructure. Worked with customer to rebuild and restore server and networks in a secure fashion, and restore services over the course of weeks to months.

Network Readdress

Customer wants to change a remote site's subnet. Designed change, planned project and implimented needed changes to the site's Switch, router and firewall as well as Site to Site VPN.

Server Drive Space Expansion

Customer was running low on space on their HP server. Identified existing drives and quoted two additional disks. After obtaining approval, ordered the disks and scheduled the install. Tech installed new disks in the server and connected to VSphere and utilizing the HPCLI expanded the array.





Case Studies


MOBILITY - Customer in Construction industry has need to communicate drawing schematic changes to job foremans in the field, while maintaining durability and ease of use for field foremans.


MillsInfo is an installer of Cisco edge equipment and Cisco VPN remote access solutions along with Windows Server infrastructure.


MillsInfo installed secure public remote mobility with Cisco AnyConnect VPN. Customer levered this technology with Windows Surface w/ LTE tablets and durable casing.