Mills Information Systems has built a solid reputation over 10+ years in the central PA region around our core service of Professional IT Consulting. Many business have seen added value by onboarding a company with a wide base of knowledge and experience in many types of businesses and products. We pride ourselves on designing scalable solutions that exceed quality of other consulting companies that only build to obsolescence. Another goal in our consultations include minimizing the need for you to redesign or continue to call for break/fix support when we complete.


Consultation: We will meet with you to understand your overall business, how it functions, and the services on which your business depends. We will communicate to understand your budget and expectations for duration, business impact, and end result of our services. Our goal is to get to know you and what you are looking for.

Discovery: Understanding what products, procedures, security, configurations, and designs you currently impliment. This helps us accurately determine expectations and how we can meet them. We will use this time to familiarize ourselves with your infrastructures strongest points, as well as areas of potential weaknesses to address.

Design: One business solution is not a one-size-fits-all for every businesses, so our engineers will meet to discuss your current environment and tailor a solution for your particular business. Our goal is to provide a solution that will match industry standards, last its shelf-life, and scale as your business grows. Our designs will also serve to simply management and overhead after the product is implemented.

Implementation: After our engineers have met and created a comprehensive recommendation, we will lead the implementation, meeting the deadlines and expectations presented, communicating clearly with you along the way. We will acquire any resale hardware or licensing and hand this off to you with documentation so that you can manage and own the solution when the project is complete.

Support: Our team will work with you to ensure that all services are meeting the needs outlined, and we will provide an understanding of the product to staff who will be using / maintaining it.



Many small businesses are attractive targets because they have information that cybercriminals want, and they typically lack the security infrastructure of larger businesses. According to a recent survey, 60% of small businesses breached by Ransomware are estimated to close their doors permanently. 88% of small business owners feel their business was vulnerable to a cyber attack. Yet many businesses can not afford professional IT solutions, they have limited time to devote to cybersecurity, or they do not know where to begin."

SBA provides great basic steps that Small Businesses can implement to help protect them.

Mills Information Systems provides your organization with cybersecurity monitoring and management, which includes virus and malware protection, and Windows Updates deployment management.

Mills Information handles system changes, modifications and upgrades across many common platforms, including network and servers. By preventing intrusions, we save organizations money on equipment, software and production downtime.

Network Design and Implementation

From reliable Ethernet data networks, VOIP, SD-WAN technologies, spanned wireless, CoLo WAN Circuits, mobile wireless private network, remote access and multihomed internet connection link balancing, Mills Information Systems has the experience to deliver enterprise grade solutions.

Network & Software Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting, support, and redesign of networks is the core on which MillsInfo is built. We offer an extensive range of support services for nearly every avenue of network troubleshooting and security.

Systems Design and Implementation

Successful IT Infrastructure involves a mesh of well designed systems running a variety of platforms. MillsInfo has extensive experience with design, migration and troubleshooting of various systems and platforms common to the industry, including Microsoft, VMWare, and many more.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Consulting services will ensure that all your recovery objectives and expectations are met, custom to your preferences. We also offer disaster recovery data centers that you can leverage anytime, including during unforseen disasters.

Email Management & Archiving

Whether an on-premise Microsoft Exchange email platform, O365 Microsoft Exchange Online, or 3rd party hosted email platform, MillsInfo has been supporting these systems for years, in small or large business and develop custom implementations based on your needs.

Staff Augmentation

We are experienced in providing IT staff augmentation to a variety of industries in Pennsylvania. We can provide staff to fill a multitude of IT roles ranging from short term to long term prospects. Having a wide and comprehensive understanding of how technology integrates, we can help ensure you experience a smooth transition of knowledge transfer and uninterrupted service in staff augmentation.

24 Hour Emergency Support

When you contact us, you will speak to a person. Our tier 3 engineers are on-call 24/7 for emergencies to provide the highest level of professional skill.


Managed Services

Today, whether our business is a small or large enterprise, we depend heavily on computer systems. Keeping these systems functioning so employees can keep working is vital.

The Managed Services offerings from MillsInfo are designed to keep your systems stable and reliable.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

From Accounting records to client data, your data is essential to your business. Rely on a comprehensive disaster recovery plan so your business can continue to run even in a disaster outside of your control. Disaster Recovery services are an important part of your business plan.

Our DR experts know that your business' uptime is important to its success. We are experienced in numerous backup and DR products and can help you meet your specific business requirements.

How it works

  • Cloud Backup/Replication
    • Data is replicated to our reliable offsite hosted DRaaS data center
    • Run machines in DR environment on demand or active/active
    • Managed/Hosted virtual desktop services
  • Available Consultant services:
    • DR Planning, Implementation and Testing

Security as a Service (SECaaS)

MillsInfo provides your organization with cybersecurity monitoring and management, which includes virus and malware protection, and Windows Update deployment management.

Wireless Management

Wireless networking has become an integral part of networks today. Implementation, security, and management of this important network feature has become critical to our everyday operations.

Millsinfo can manage every aspect of wireless networking including; Site Survey and design, implementation, upgrades, hardware life-cycle, security and compliance, and monitoring. If you are looking for a secure wireless solution or need your current system evaluated please contact one of our wireless specialists at Millsinfo.

Managed Cloud and onPrem Backups

Backups are a critical investment in protecting your company assets and key to its success. Your data is your companys life blood. Loss of data, for even 24 hours, can be debilitating. Loss of data affects not only your ability to recover, but also impacts your reputation with customers. A comprehensive backup system gives you peace of mind that even during a failure, your files are safeguarded.

MillsInfo offers a completely customizable backup solution that we work with you to build. Then, we monitor it to ensure your backups stay current. Whether backing up to an on-prem, coLocation, or cloud site - backing up application data, bare metal data, or a virtual datacenter - our managed backups can handle it all.


Remote monitoring and management helps you stay ahead of unanticipated problems. As your businesses grows, you can expect the number of devices and systems you rely on to increase. Dont wait to hear about service issues from staff — You need to know when a problem is about to occur, before it does. Planning and executing a system uptime goal of 99.999% is important in todays always-on environment.

MillsInfo offers a completely customizable monitoring service geared to protecting systems important to you. We monitor network devices, endpoints, circuits, servers, web sites, email systems, and much more. Know where to focus your efforts, every time.

Expect the unexpected. With time, every system needs attention and proactive care.

How it works

  • Security vulnerabilities are identified and alerted.
  • Performance stats and usage charts are also available for many systems.
  • Understand critical areas of your infrastructure with an easy to use interface
  • Inventory Management and Help Desk Services available

Hardware & Software Sales

Mills Info has made it our aim to partner with leading technology companies to provide hardware and software to our customers. Our vendor relationships allow us to provide to our customers Business class hardware, cloud services, and on premise licensing. We endeavor to further service our customers by being proactive in reminders of expiring services.

  • HP
  • Dell
  • Cisco
  • Microsoft
  • Symantec
  • Barracuda
  • Cylance